Wednesday, January 14, 2015

FIFA 15 TOTY Investment Guide to Buy/Sell Player

We know the FIFA 15 TOTY activity have started on Monday Jan.12th, 2015 with a full week of blue cards and various promotional gold packs, the frenzy of opening packs may more than the Christmas period. Many players do not know how to TOTY investment, when to sell, and how to get good pack luck? Here is a simple guide to teach you, especially the TOTY nobs.

When to sell?
Why wait to sell you players? The more you wait the more your player's price will drop.

When to buy?
Why wait to buy when you can buy now! Do not wait until the prices get to the lowest because you are sure to miss it and lose out on a profit.

How to get the good pack luck?
If you open packs with fifa 15 coins, you will have less of a chance of getting a good player than if you open with points, so if you want to get super TOTY Ronaldo or Messi, open with points have great chance. With FIFA points my friend has packed two legends plus countless 200k+ players, with coins his best is IF Santi, so the FIFA points would be your favor.

Every one want to make money in this TOTY, the way to invest is buy low and sell high, so buy when the prices at lowest (probably wedestday) and sell the prices go back up. The following is recommend the players in TOTY crash you can pay attention to make cheap fifa 15 coins.

- Neuer
- Piszczek
- Alaba
- Lewandowski

Premier League
- Walker
- Koscielny
- Ramires
- David Silva
- Schurrle

Spanish League
- Casillas
- Dani Alves
- Marcelo
- Jordi Alves
- James Rodriguez
- Neymar
- Benzema

Serie A & Ligue
- Tevez

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Earn FIFA 15 Coins and Points with Serious Way

Since the release of FIFA 15, we have covered useful tips for how to build your FIFA 15 Coins dream team.But now , Be serious ! how to be rich in coins and points. To know how to maximize your coins and points is so important without you being forced to purchased with cash.

Few things will influence how many coins you earn in a single match. The number of scored goals and other notable feats and the difficulty level. For that reason, it is always best to play matches on the highest difficulty possible to earn more coins. The number of earned coins doesn’t change with the total length of the match, it is possible to earn more coins by playing short 2 minutes and half exhibition matches with a powerful team.

You should be able to score a few goals as well to increase your total earned coins. To make things even easier, you may want to play against the weakest team available, as the team’s ability doesn’t influence the amount of coins earned. Playing against the Team of the Week will also make you earn extra coins.

Another way to earn more coins is to play in the season and tournament modes. Tournaments that are really limited in time and have some strange requirements are the ones that you want to play, as they will make you earn more coins. Some of these tournaments will also make you earn some FIFA points. Or you could buy low value cards and sell higher. A solid tip is to buy a card that’s worth a boatload of cash, and then sell it for just a little more.

The last but not the least,Please remember to pay attention to fifa15-coins. There will be lots of big discount code on fifa 15 coins during TOTY,which can be the fastest way to earn as much as coins you want!

Win tickets to Gareth Bale’s Ultimate Premier League game

We have just entered 2015 and a new challenge for FIFA 15 fans has been unveiled. EA Sports invites everyone playing its latest game in the series to compete and win tickets to a Premier League game of their choosing.

The competition does not require FIFA 2015 to play against teams made by famous football players, so you should stop worrying that you don’t have any stars in your FIFA Ultimate Team.

Instead, EA Sports proposed another kind of challenge, which will certainly allow many more players to compete and will offer equal winning chances to all participants.

EA Sports has asked Real Madrid’s star Gareth Bale to choose the players for his Ultimate Premier League Team, but you won’t have to pit your own team against his for a chance to win the challenge.

You can submit as many teams as you can think of
Gareth Bale’s Ultimate Premier League Team isn’t publicly known because the goal of the challenge is to guess his team or at least be as close as possible to matching it.

The close one gets to matching Gareth Bale’s team, the bigger his/her chances of winning competition. The good news is you can compete with as many teams you can think of. Moreover, EA Sports promises that each time you complete a team, they will give a hint as to how close you are to Gareth Bale’s team.

You can choose from one or three formations, and using any of the Gold-Rated Ultimate Players, you may construct your own Ultimate Team. If more than one competitor guesses Gareth Bale’s Ultimate Premier League Team, the winner will be chosen randomly by “throwing all the names in a hat and drawing one.”

The prize? Well, the winner of this FIFA 15 Ultimate Team competition will receive two tickets to a home game of their favorite Premier League team. Are you ready for the challenge yet?